programming developer/ A567

Responsibilities& Duties

  • Develop and implement internal software projects to automate the internal operations of the Bank and connect it with the banking system when possible.
  • Analysis, design, program and document of software according to business requirements.
  • Design and develop the database for the required applications.
  • Test applications well before they are delivered to the relevant departments and uploaded to the actual work environment.
  • Maintain the internal developed applications to ensure performance and improvement as necessary.
  • Adopting appropriate methodologies in application development that ensure good distribution, organized work, speed delivery, reduce errors and ensure the protection of data.
  • Cooperate with suppliers of banking system and electronic channels in terms of software.
  • Participate in extracting the bank reports by creating new reports and maintenance of old reports.


Qualifications required:

• Bachelor degree in IT / Software specialist.

• Experience (at least 1 year) in developing web and desktop applications.

• Experience (at least 1 year) in designing and developing databases.

• Experience in system analysis and documentation of software projects.


The recommended screen resolution is 1024x768, and the recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox.