Shari'a Audit Officer A401

Job duties: 

  1. Participating in the updating of the regular periodic examination of all activities carried out by the bank and its branches.
  2. Review the processes and products to verify their compliance with the decisions of the Shari'a Supervisory Board.
  3. Preparation of recommendations after each field visit to amend the implementation of products in accordance with the decisions of the Commission.
  4. Contribute to the preparation of monitoring reports on periodic field visits for each visit to measure the performance of the bank's departments from a Sharia point of view and submit them to the Director of the Shari'a Audit Department.
  5. Contribute to the provision of solutions and proposals to address the causes of legitimate observations and prevent their recurrence.



  • Bachelor of Islamic or Sharia Banking
  • 3 years experience in Shari'a Auditing
  • Ability to observe and follow up



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