Office Supervisor / Safita Office
  • Responsibilities & Duties:
  1. Supervision and follow-up on the implementation of the tasks in the section.
  2. Giving approval to the system to perform banking services (accounts and operations) according to the approved powers.
  3. Supervision of the accounts open in the branch and follow-up cases and address accounts with infringing cases.
  4. Ensure that the responses to inquiries provided to customers through the customer service staff are correct.
  5. Ensure that the new services and products are circulated to the department's staff.
  6. secure all the requirements of the customer service department to ensure the proper functioning of the work.
  7. Coordination with the branch supervisor regarding the mechanisms for the distribution of additional tasks to the staff of the customer service department.
  8. correct errors contained in the files of the incoming customers (if any).


  • Requirements
  1. University degree
  2. Experience of one year in banking or two years experience in other related fields or specialized training.
  3. Ability to withstand work pressure.
  4. courteous / gentle and has a positive presence.
  5. Has strong communication skills with the operators.
  6. Focuses on customer service and endurance for stress.
  7. Ability to organize time and work.


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