Office Manager / Safita Office
  • Responsibilities & Duties:


  1. Supervising the progress of work in the office in a manner that ensures the quality and quality of the service and answer any objection or inquiry from the customers to ensure the speed of service and not delay the service of customers.
  2. Review the files and requests for accounts and ensure completion of the required conditions and pass the necessary processes to the system and the receipt of staff.
  3. Grant approval to pass the financial operations of the branch and banking services (accounts and operations) according to available powers.
  4. Participate in drawing up the office plan and distributing it to the employees and monitoring the achievement of the objectives with the branch manager.
  5. Follow-up of the daily reports of the office (file reports, accounts / cards / check books / notes etc.).
  6. Receipt of the daily restrictions of the staff of the Office and the audit and delivery as appropriate.
  7. distribution of additional tasks to the staff of the Office in coordination with the branch manager of it.
  • Requirements
  1. University degree
  2. Two years or more experience in banking or specialized training.
  3. Ability to solve problems and bear work pressure.
  4. Has a strong communication skill.
  5. Focuses on customer service and stress tolerance.
  6. Ability to manage team and organize work



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