Main Cash Operation Representative


  • Duties and responsibilities:

1. Receiving cash orders from customers (withdrawal and deposit) taking into account the priority of the size of the payment.
2. Exchange operations between different currencies required of customers.
3. Implementation of non-cash transactions (transfers, transfers, checks of all kinds)
4. Receiving cash from the carrier and confirming its validity through the direct count and transfer it to the safe according to the requirements.
5. Transfer to and from the main treasury and to the cash operations officer in coordination with the supervisor and the cash operations supervisor and inventory the main treasury by the end of the day.
6. Ensuring the adequacy of cash in the ATM machine and feeding it when needed.
7. Responding to customers' requests regarding their accounts in terms of providing them with balances, information about their accounts, providing them with account statements, etc.
8. Responding to customer inquiries regarding all services related to bank accounts (accounts of all types, bank cards, electronic services, check books).
9. Make sure to complete the daily after the order and check the daily restrictions and before delivery to the supervisor
10. Cash processing and shipping
11. To carry out all the tasks required by the branch manager or higher administrative levels to serve the interest of the work.

  • Qualifications and required skills

1- University degree or intermediate institute.
2- Experience of one year in banking or two years experience in other related fields or specialized training.
3. Ability to withstand work pressure.
4 - courteous / gentle and has a positive presence.
5. Has strong communication skills with the operators.
6. Focuses on customer service and endurance for stress.
7. Ability to organize time and work.


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