Cash Operations Supervisor/ HOMS branch / B654

Responsibilities & Duties

  1.  Control the cash ceilings in the branch and ensure that the cash is matched within the branch. 
  2. The sudden inventory of the Cash Operations Officers Fund in cooperation with the Cash Operations Controller or the Chief Cash Operations Officer.
  3. Granting authorizations to movements exceeding the authority of the Controller of Cash Operations or the Chief Cash Operations Officer.
  4. Dealing with the rejected and returned checks of customers in terms of delivery of these checks to customers and stamping them according to the request of the beneficiary of the check according to the type of rejection.
  5. Follow up daily reports. 
  6. Renewal of the petty cash with its closure monthly and follow up the bills of services of the branch.
  7. Receiving the restrictions of the cash operations officers and the customer service staff, and processing the daily restrictions portfolio and follow-up to send them to the financial management. 
  8. Coordination with different departments and ensure that the services, products, circulars and new procedures have been circulated to all staff of the department.
  9. Preparation of cash for shipping and preparation of shipping notes at the direction of the branch manager.
  10. Supervise the inventory of the ATM and make sure that it is compatible and communicate with the company serving at the feeding process
  11. Supervise the delivery process between cashiers in the case of vacations or absences and the branch register
  12. Implementation of all tasks required by the commissioner of the branch or higher administrative levels to serve the interest of the work.


  1.  economic bachelor degree as minimum.
  2. Two years experience and more in the banking field or specialized training in the field of banking.
  3. Ability to handle work pressure.
  4. Has the skill of communication and interaction.
  5. Focuses on customer service and stress tolerance.
  6. Ability to organize work.

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