Legal Affairs Officer/Damascus Branch/ Ref.A251

Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. Follow-up on collection issues (including all non-performing debt collection files)
  2. Preparation and review of agreements and contracts.
  3. Providing consultations and legal studies.
  4. Adoption of government documents: Agencies offered by the Finance and Branches - Decisions of the Islamic courts.
  5. Mortgages / Insurance: A- Provide the legal study of the guarantee provided.       B-Studying the documents of the mortgage / insurance contract.      C-Preparation and regulation of mortgage / insurance contracts.       D- The mortgage / insurance is finally approved

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor in law.
  2. Two years of experience in banking legislation.
  3. Practice drafting contracts and agreements.
  4. Knowledge of the laws, regulations and decisions related to the work of banks.
  5. Knowledge of the assets of official communications, and the drafting and preparation of minutes of meetings.
  6. Proficiency in the use of Microsoft office.
  7. Computer Skills.
  8. Proficiency in English.

The recommended screen resolution is 1024x768, and the recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox.